Company structure

With head office in Qingdao, we JYT owned branches in Zhengzhou , Xi’an, Xi’ning, Yantai, and Liaocheng etc. Team JYT unequivocally committed to delivering an outstanding premium customs and efficient integrated logistic service to all the customers, such as shipping agency, multimodal transport, China-EU line trains and advanced IT system.
We Qingdao, have marketing dept, operation dept, sales dept, sea-rail dept, overseas dept and shipping route dept. As the booking agent of all hazardous chemicals, we can handle the DG cargo under Class no 2.3, 4.3 &5.2, based on our unmatched industry knowledge and our advanced communication with DG container depot, to provide the transportation, space booking,loading and unloading, warehousing, customs declaration and inspection and etc supply chain service for hazardous chemicals.

  • Business Scope

    We JYT was established with 20 million RMB as Registered Capital, and 300 million as the trade credit line of the bank.

  • To provide customers with comprehensive, high-standard, professional chemical integrated logistics.

  • Our business scope covers every node of the whole supply chain. We can provide the warehousing of raw materials & finished products, transportation, dispatch, packing, inspection and etc logistics service .

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JYT(QINGDAO)LOGISTICS CO.,LTD is a comprehensive logistics enterprise, belongs to QINGDAO PORT INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. To be the most powerful “one- stop" platform for hazardous chemical goods in Qingdao, we always focus on more efficient and safer operation in chemical supply chain. With our powerful strength, professional team, scientific system and sound network, we can  provide total logistics services, such as sea freight booking, hazardous chemicals transportation, customs declaration and inspection, distribution, sea-rail combined transportation, storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals, and “end to end" supply chain solutions for our customers.